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"45 Bulls in 45 days"  Bent Bow Outdoor Productions proudly presents Traditional bowhunting elk at it's finest. Join us for this successful bow hunt. Contains some of the most exciting bull elk footage yet. Please share with all your hunting friends.

12 Year Old - FIRST HUNT

Few things are as epic as ones first hunt. Join 12 Year old Travis as he explores God's Outdoors in a new way; TRAD bow in hand for 5 days camping out. Learn along with him as both his "Papas" reflect from their nostalgic experiences.

Hunt’n HOT for Prongs

This is a TRAD Bowhunt for Pronghorns. Opportunity and learning are foundations of great outings. These experiences fit the bill. Enjoy our hunt in the coolness of your home and look forward to our next adventure hunting bull elk in Idaho with friend Rocky Chisholm.

Dressing for F O C

We are constantly asked how we achieve extreme forward of center with our setups. We believe achieving optimum F.O.C. gives us a huge penetration advantage for big game. This video explains in detail how we achieve optimum F.O.C. with carbon shafts.

TRAD Elk IllUSIONS (Part 2)

This fantastic traditional bowhunting video has more big bull elk than most elk hunters will see in a lifetime. Truly an epic elk hunting adventure. Join Ron and Rodney of Bent Bow Outdoor Productions as they film and hunt one of America's most majestic big game animals during the 2019 September season.

Elk TRAD Illusions (Part 1)

Join us in our pursuit of elk with stick bows and over the counter tags during bow season in Colorado. We hunt hard among the high peaks, and down to the river canyons. Miles of wilderness and even some areas of private land are explored in attempts to corral a monster bull for his savory venison. Enjoy some incredible elk footage courtesy of www.bentbowproductions.com

Hog Kaos with a Sharp Stick

Tired of the snow? No seasons open for hunting? Well, for once California comes into top standings. This video takes you along on a bowhunter's trek. While in the field he learns new lessons from first hand experiences and reflecting on being "busted."

The Footed Shaft

The "FOOTED SHAFT", Larry D. Jones shares a brief overview of the ideas behind a footed shaft with viewers.

Pulled Pork for Beginners

This video is about wild pig bowhunting. Follow along as two bowhunters, one young and one not quite so young as they harvest their first big game animal with bow and arrow.

Whitetails of Nebraska

Little Grey Ghost

A26 Bass Hill Traditional Bow Hunt for late season California mule deer

Tag along on a traditional bowhunt in North Eastern California for a rutting mule deer or blacktail buck.  View 37+ bucks and enjoy this late season hunt. The hunt takes place in A-26 season.

In The Field Meat Care

You will see a demonstration of how to properly care for meat just harvested: in the field. 
By following the steps outlined you will ensure the best table fare possible.

South Western Wanta-be Hogs

South Western Wanta-be Hogs is a video that has explicit material of harvesting javelina by the use of traditional bow hunting tackle. Some scenes are quite graphic so viewer discretion is advised.

Goats, Glaciers and Stick Bows

Incredible mountain goat traditional bow hunt in B.C. One of the most elusive and challenging big game animals in North America with any weapon much less a simple recurve bow. Pastor and Traditional bow hunter Ron Crouch gives a "Life Lesson" comparison to this hunt in the first part of this video then hang on to the edge of your seat for the remainder of this incredible hunt.

Bearing Wits N Acorns

Accompany CEO of Bent Bow, Ron Crouch as he roams California’s Sequoia Foothills. The snow has driven bears to lower country. No dogs, no bait, no tree stands on this solo hunt and filming excursion. Watch as he sorts through 11 different bears feeding on acorns on the ground and in the trees before he finds one to his liking.

Stalking Bacon Canyon

This video demonstrates practicing the same skills needed to stalk hogs and other big game animals. While doing this, hours can be enjoyed in the field and at the same time physical stamina is maintained year around providing bacon for the table.

Traditional Bow Hunting for Giant White-Tail Deer

Ron Crouch of Bent Bow Outdoor Productions hunts Kansas for mature white-tail bucks. Watch this exciting traditional bowhunt unfold as his strategies come to fruition on a great non-typical buck.

Stickbows & Thunder Chickens

Features Spring Turkey hunts with a stick and camera in hand. God's praises are sung throughout. Bent Bow has been blessed with a fellow Christian Bowhunter who writes most of our music. His faith and walk with Jesus is evident as you listen to melodies and lyrics God blesses him with. In this video we will take you along on a non-narrated adventure which showcases not only the beauty of God’s Creation, but allows you to be ministered to through Beighey Praise Team music.

Longbow N Bulls of Nevada

Nevada has a long history of producing big bull elk. Come along as we wade through countless bulls along the Idaho border. Endless glassing, stalking, ground blinds, tree stands and waterholes are all employed with Longbow in hand. Incredible scenic backdrops are witnessed as we pursue timbered as well as alpine open country.

Spring Fever

Spring Fever takes a young man of 15 on his first hunt in pursuit of Rio Grande Gobblers. With bow in hand, the youth receives instruction and lessons on the difficulty of successfully harvesting this big game bird. Relive this adventure with us as six gobblers strut past.

Second Chance

Accompany us on our second chance, after blanking on a morning pursuit matching wits with spring gobblers. In this venture we have a "plan," once executed we share "The Plan."

Job “The Bowhunter”

 God's grace, protection, inspiration and blessing has been on Bent Bow: even before its inception. Unmerited favor has preceded our hunters, and their families. The enemy does not approve of God's Word, praise to Him, or prayers we share here. Come with us to Idaho to experience bowhunting's ups and downs. Watch as the story unfolds and see how God wins again in the battles of life.

Wild Hog Traditional Bowhunt - Grandson's first big game with a bow

Join Bent Bow Outdoor Productions C.E.O., Ron Crouch, as he takes his Grandson on a successful hog hunt with a recurve bow.

Walking Feathers

Join seasoned traditionalist archer Ron Crouch as he matches wits and skill in attempts to tag-out on a mature Rio Grande Gobbler. Survive a dominate hen attack that lasts nearly forever.

Desert Speedsters N Sticks From the Air

Bent Bow Outdoor Productions presents this informative Antelope bow hunting video!
This video is about hunting pronghorn with stick bows from windmills.

Fallin Ones' - Part 1

This video, Fallin Ones' - PART 1 is about how even the mighty will fall. What causes our fall?
We are all, at some point useless,.... or at least feel that way. Part 2 will destroy that myth.

Raised Hunting Youth Camp 2015

"Raised Hunting Youth Camp," follows David Holder and his volunteers over four days on the Jack Creek Preserve, Montana. Fifty-three campers learn and fine tuning hunting skills, survival techniques, noxious weed control and water management together.


This video shows examples of wildlife, bowhunting and outdoor adventures that Bent Bow Outdoor Productions has already had the opportunity to film. 

Traditional Bow Setup & Initial Tuning

First part of the set up & initial tuning of a new recurve bow. This video is one of a series from Bent Bow Outdoor Productions "The Complete Bowhunter" Next video in this series will cover fine tuning, traditional shooting and practice tips.

"The Complete Bowhunter" Workout

First in a series of "Complete Bowhunter" covers getting into extreme mountain hunting shape. At 65 years of age Ron Crouch takes his physical fitness level very serious for high altitude, extreme hunts. Ron is a serious traditional bowhunter with many trophy quality big game animals to his credit and C.E.O of Bent Bow Outdoor Productions.

Traditional Archery--Improve your accuracy--Paper tuning made simple!

Bent Bow Outdoor Productions presents this next video in the series "The Complete Bow hunter." This video simplifies and takes the mystery out of fine tuning your bow / arrow combo to achieve perfect arrow flight.

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